We are passionate about aviation photography and producing beautiful sharp prints for your home or office.

Richard has been photographing all things aviation since the 1970s and has amassed a collection of images from both the UK and around the world. He currently uses Sony mirrorless cameras but previously used both Canon film and Nikon digital equipment.

Claire has travelled extensively and worked in the travel industry.
Three years ago we took the decision for Claire to leave her day job in order to focus on selling our framed and mounted photos.

We can often be found at airshows and craft fairs where our work has been well received by our wonderful customers.

Technical stuff

Making memories…

Over the fifty years that we have been enjoying aviation photography technology has moved remorselessly on changing both camera equipment and the aircraft. In the 1970s negative film and a Miranda Sensomat RE with 50mm and 200mm lenses were used. By the 1980s an Olympus OM1 with 35mm and 200mm lenses held court. It wasn’t until the start of the millennium that I started using digital with a 6MP Canon SLR and a default 100-400mm lens. Being impatient the ability to see images immediately was a big bonus over the weeks wait for the local chemist to have a film developed.

Currently we have moved to mirrorless and use a pair of Sony A7RIII cameras with 16-35, 24-70 and 100-400 lenses. The decrease in weight has been appreciated by this photographer!

Printing is via Lightroom and Photoshop on a colour managed iMac using RAW files from the camera. A Canon PRO100 printer using Canons own inks and paper gives long lasting prints of the highest quality and resolution.