Battle of Britain Airshow, Headcorn

Headcorn Battle of Britain Airshow

Over the weekend of 6/7th July the skies over the Weald of Kent were host to Spitfires and Hurricanes just as they were in the Summer of 1940. Saturday started with bright sunshine and an almost full flight line of historic aircraft including this Thruxton Jackaroo from the halcyon days of the interwar years.
Thruxton Jackaroo
It was naturally the WW2 era of aviation that most had come to see like this immaculate Spitfire Vb BM597.
We have some lovely photographic prints on this site which would look impressive on anyones walls whether at home or work.
Spitfire Vb BM597
Perhaps the less glamorous of the primary fighters in the Battle of Britain is the Hawker  Hurricane. Basking in the early morning sun here is Hurricane Mk1 R4118.
Hurricane Mk1 R4118
The flying display featured a number formations and routines although the sky did cloud over which is never helpful for the aviation photographer. Light is his friend as it enables larger apertures and faster shutter speeds to freeze the action. There is always the complication with propeller aircraft that too high a shutter speed and the propeller is stopped in the photo which looks somewhat unrealistic! Slowing the shutter to 1/60th of a second and bracing against a fence post on the crowd line allowed this spendid image of “prop blur”. These two Spitfires of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight were stationary waiting for clearance to take off for their routine.
BBMF Spitfire pair
Landing shots invariably require faster shutter speeds due to the aircrafts movement. Here Hurricane Mk1 V7497 which flew operationally at the time of the Battle of Britain. A shutter speed of 1/320th was used to get some propeller motion.
Hurricane Mk1 V7497
Not an Me109 but a Buchon (basically a 109 with a merlin engine) trailing smoke as the AeroLegends Spitfire spoils his day! This image was taken on Sunday when the cloud cover was a tad darker.
Buchon with Spitfire
Heres something you don’t see every day. Four Hurricanes in formation!
4 Hurricanes in formation
As our regular blog readers will know 2019 is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day and what better way to celebrate than a C-47 Skytrain performing a paradrop with “round canopies” used by the parachutists.
Dakota paradrop
Drag-em-oot the Aerolegends Headcorn resident C-47 lands back in the failing light.
C-47 Drag ’em-oot
Overall a small show but well run and full of interest to locals (including!), families and the aviation enthusiast/photographer. Already looking forward to next year.
Next up is RNAS Yeoviltons Airday.
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