An Indian adventure

With grey skies and falling temperatures the British winter tends to be short on opportunities for the aviation photographer. Whilst the resulting free time can be used to scan negatives, clean equipment and add keywords to digital photographs eventually you feel the need to venture forth with a camera and couple of lenses. Having visited northern India last year Topshotfotos spent two weeks in January touring the south. We started off in Mysore where one of the highlights was the City Palace or Amba Vilas. In excess of 97,000 light bulbs are used to illuminate the palace for an hour every Sunday evening.


Summer Palace, Mysore


Before departing we visited Mysore station which can only be described as organised chaos but bearing a strong resemblance to UK railways in the 1960s (yes I can remember that far back). The station opened in 1870 and sported a small heritage room complete with a model railway layout and photographs of the stations history.



Many aviation photographers have an interest in bird/animal photography and this led us to the Nagarhole National Park. Having been warned that we would be extremely lucky to see tigers we managed to see two. They are most impressive and captivating animals being larger and more colourful than we had thought.


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Tiger at the water’s edge


This couple of elephants had taken their calf to the lake for water as the sun approached “golden hour”.



This  Woolley Necked Stork was fishing; this was unfortunately the “one that got away”.


Woolley necked stork


Ooty was our next stop to sample the remnants of 19th century colonial life. It was from here in the hot summer months that the Chennai government made their headquarters. The 2,240m altitude made for a significant drop in temperature!
We left Ooty on the Blue Mountain Toy train to Mettupalayam. This UNESCO World Heritage site provides stunning views of the scenery as one descents behind initially diesel traction and then steam! A rack and pinion system is used for the steepest sections. Windows are hastily closed at station stops to prevent the hungry monkeys from entering.
Cheeky monkey!
Checking the metal for cracks
The view from the toy train
The engine shed at Mettapulayam


At Mettupalayam the opportunity was taken to undergo a self guided tour of the engine shed.This blog represents the end of our first week in India and we will break here for a while before looking at the second week. India is full of interest and there is always so much to see and photograph. We even saw a couple of Hindustan Ambassador cars in use (originally the Morris Oxford!).This one had sadly seen better days but…


Hindustan Ambassador



Thank you for looking and to Audley Travel for organising another trip of a lifetime.

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