A Grand Day Out

To many the island of Jersey evokes memories of the TV series Bergerac with its stunning scenery and the excitement of chasing criminals.

For the aviation enthusiast the annual airshow over St Daubins’ Bay has historically attracted some of the more esoteric aviation displays.The Bay itself faces south;a big plus for those spending their vacation on the beach but a definite problem for photographers who tend to dislike silhouettes.
I have long wanted to see the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight Saab A37 Viggen resplendent in its splinter camouflage. The early listings for this years display whilst showing the Tunnan and Draken omitted the Viggen.
Encouraged nonetheless by cheap Easyjet flights from Gatwick to Jersey we planned a day trip to Jersey airport in the hope that we might get “something different”.
A 4am start is never going to be pleasant but things deteriorated when the 0710 flight was delayed nearly two hours by fog in Jersey. Upon arriving at the islands airport we headed up to the static display which had shut at 1030am some ten minutes earlier but joy of joys the tail of a Viggen was just visible behind the buildings!
Remembering a comment about the view from the Aero Club building we headed to what must be one of the most comfortable locations for viewing aircraft. Drinks and excellent food were available all afternoon.
The photos…
This is one of our favourites and will be available from our website. The SAAB SK37 Viggen on finals.

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A small selection of photographs from our day out…
Viggen Take-off
F86 Sabre
Mig 15
OV-10 Bronco
Nord Noratlas
Saab Tunnen
Saab Draken
OV-2 Skymaster
AN2 Cub
Easy Jet A319

Duxford Battle of Britain display next weekend. Come and say hello if you are there!

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